Law Enforcement and Online Communities

Add firearms to the database while staying in control is committed to helping gun owners fight back against gun theft. Responding to feedback from Law Enforcement and online community users we have added the ability to add and manage firearms on behalf of your organization. Now you can control who can add firearm information, what firearm information is available to the public, and where your firearm information is stored.

How does it work?

Once your account is verified and activated you can add a firearm serial number and link it to any external source such as a website, database, blog, or forum post containing the information YOU want the public to see. When a user searches one of your linked serial numbers in the HotGunz database they will see an image of your choice linked to the destination of your choice.

Account Features

  • Add multiple firearms with as little as a serial number and a link
  • View and delete any firearms added by members of your organization
  • Upgrade regular accounts to be able to manage firearms on behalf of your organization
  • Change the logo linking to your external site when any of your firearms are searched

How does this benefit me?

Law Enforcement

  • Generate leads from the public that may help solve your case
  • Ensure users are contacting you directly about your case
  • Control what information is available to the public
  • Prevent gun thieves from easily profiting from gun theft

Online Communities and Networks

  • Assist your users who have been the victim of gun theft with possible recovery
  • Control the requirements to add a stolen gun and the information shared from your side
  • Allow multiple members to add firearms on your organizations behalf
  • Generate traffic to your website

How do I get an account?

Contact us using the contact form and provide us with your department or community name, website URL, and official email. Once the primary account is created you will be able to upgrade other members of your organization to be able to add firearms with their own account.